How to do MTN sim swap

You may be wondering what MTN sim swap is and how to do MTN sim swap. Then certainly this article is yours.

MTN sim swap is a new service designed by MTN to allow MTN pay as you go subscribers to maintain their preferred MTN number.

The service is designed for customers who’s sim cards have been damaged, lost or have their phones stolen. The service is also available to customers who have deactivated their sim cards due to the failure of Access4Life rules or is blocked, but the number is still available on the MTN Network and not recycled and in use by another Customer. A customer seeking a sim upgrade can also access this sim swap service.

How to do MTN sim swap

  1. Buy an MTN Pay as you Go starter pack
  2. Insert the SIM Card into a cellphone
  3. Call 173 for assistance with the SIM Swap in order to keep an old / preferred MTN Number

Note: Before you call for assistance, you should be ready with the following information;

  1. The old MTN Number that you want to keep
  2. Your ID Number
  3. 3 most frequently/commonly called numbers
  4. Your last recharge amount and date

However the customer service agent would ask some questions, of which atleast three must be answered correctly to verify you as the true owner of the sim.

  1. The date the Customer last used their phone number.
  2. The Customer’s 3 commonly called voice / SMS numbers.
  3. The Customer’s last airtime recharge amount and date.
  4. The Customer’s price plan.
  5. What services the customer is currently subscribed to e.g. Data, SMS bundles.
  6. The customer’s handset details that were used with the old MSISDN.

After answering all questions asked by the customer service agent, you would receive a confirmation message to ascertain whether the sim swap was successful or not.


Q: Who is the sim swap service for?
A: The new SIM Swap process is available to MTN Pay as you go Customers only.

Q: What can I dial to do SIM swap?
A: Now There Is A Simpler Way To Do A Sim Swap, Dial *136#


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