How to load MTN card

MTN card is an airtime recharge card containing a 16-digit pin. To recharge, you are required to scratch the card to reveal the pin.

However you would need to know how to load this pin on your phone in order to recharge your airtime.

To load a recharge card on MTN, dial 555RechargecardPIN# and then press Send.

E.G the PIN is 0000 1111 2222 3333, then dial;
5550000 1111 2222 3333# and press send.

You would receive a message confirming that you have successfully recharged your airtime.


Q: What is the MTN new recharge code?
A: You can now recharge your lines using 311rechargepin#

Q: How to recharge MTN card in Ghana?
A: 134PIN#- to recharge airtime

Q: How do I recharge MTN Airtime in Zambia?
A: Dial 1363# and follow the prompts. Or dial 1366328(cellphone number you’re sending airtime to)(value of airtime)#


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