Sharing your mobile data with friends and family in Ghana is easy with MTN! Thankfully, MTN Ghana allows you to transfer data bundles to other MTN numbers.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Transfer Process: There are two ways to transfer MTN data in Ghana:
    • USSD Code: Dial *312*recipient's phone number*data amount# and press send. For example, to transfer 500MB to the number 0241234567, dial *312*0241234567*500#.
    • SMS: Text “Transfer” followed by a space, the recipient’s phone number, another space, and the data amount (in MB) to 312. For instance, to send 1GB to 0557890123, text “Transfer 0557890123 1024” (1024MB is equal to 1GB) and send it to 312.
  • Important Notes:
    • You’ll need to activate the data gifting service before transferring data for the first time. Dial *170# and follow the prompts to activate.
    • There may be a fee associated with transferring data, so check MTN Ghana’s website or contact customer service for current rates.
    • You can only transfer data in increments of MBs.

Looking for More Information?

For the latest details and any changes to the data transfer process, it’s always a good idea to refer to MTN Ghana’s official channels:

  • MTN Ghana Website: MTN Ghana
  • MTN Ghana Contact Information: You can find contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses on the MTN Ghana website.

By following these steps and checking for any updates, you can easily share your MTN data bundles with loved ones in Ghana.


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