How MTN Pulse works in Ghana

MTN Pulse is a plan created to meet the communication and data needs of the youth in Ghana.

The Pulse plans are divided into data only and voice plus data combinations. These offers come in a range of pricing points and are highly competitive.

The MTN Pulse offers Ghanaians with lifestyle benefits that include Pulse Buddies, free night calling, and campus location calling. However, terms and conditions apply.

Pulse also provides funding for a range of activities, such as product launches, that are aimed at involving and empowering the youth.

How do I buy Pulse Offers?

Pulse bundles can be accessed on shortcodes *117# or *115# and the MyMTN and MoMo Apps

MTN Pulse Mashup & Win

For each Mashup made using the myMTN App, the youth segment earns points. On the last day of the promotion, these points earned can be redeemed for gift cards from a variety of companies, including KFC, Potbelly Shack, Shoprite, and Melcom.

MTN Pulse Speed shopping

The pulse speed shopping is also a Mashup based activity for the youth segment. For Millennials and GenZ’s using the myMTN App, it provides an exclusive experience to them.On the myMTN App, pulsers will receive one point for each pesewas (GHC 0.10) that they mashup using the MoMo and Airtime payment channels.
A leader board rating is adopted and the top point builders are invited to go on an online shopping spree.After that, participants can choose the closest MTN Center to receive their purchased goods.

In short, MTN Pulse is a package specifically designed for the youth.


How to register mtn pulse?
Customer must migrate and register to MTN Pulse plan by dialing *411# on USSD (the “Qualifying Customers”).

How to activate mtn pulse in Ghana?
To activate this service, dial *567# and follow the prompts.

What is the mission of Pulse Ghana?
MTN Pulse in Ghana’s mission is to inform and engage Africa’s young audience and provide expansive media reach and creative marketing solutions to our partners.


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