How MTN cash token works in Ghana

MTN cash token is an electronic reward and gift commodity that offers MTN customers the chance to win amazing cash prizes.

How To Participate In MTN CashToken and How It Works

For an MTN customer to be eligible to participate in the MTN cash token, you MUST have received a CashToken gift from a friend or from yourself at least once throughout the week.

To participate in this, there is the need for MTN customers to dial the short code *6700# and select a plan. Customers have a choice to buy and gift CashToken to themselves or someone else.

The virtual ticket for the CashToken Draw is the Gifted Cash Token. Customers using the on-demand approach have the option to purchase an unlimited number of CashTokens.

However, with the subscription model, consumers are limited to purchasing 1 CashToken each day or per week.

Customers must select “Buy Cash Tokens” from the *6700# USSD Menu and input the desired amount of CashTokens to be purchased for themselves or given as gifts to someone else in order to utilize the on-demand CashToken.


How can I participate/ subscribe to the MTN cash token?
A – By dialing the short code *6700# and selecting a plan. You have a choice to buy and gift CashToken to yourself or a 3rd party (someone else). The Gifted Cash Token serves as the virtual ticket into the CashToken Draws.

How long does a MTN token last?
A- The token expires after 30 days.

What is the code for MTN CashToken?
A- Simply dial 67008# to get started.


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