How to change MTN tariff plan

MTN tariff plan is a data and voice call plan designed by MTN for it’s subscribers to enjoy benefits such as monthly bonuses, lower calling rates and data charges when you are on a tariff, unlike without a tariff plan.

It includes MTN BetaTalk tariff , MTN Awuf4U tariff plan , MTN TruTalk prepaid tariff , MTN YafunYafun tariff plan , MTN Pulse prepaid tariff plan , MTN XtraValue Carte tariff ,MTN XtraValue tariff plan ,MTN mPulse tariff, MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid plan, and MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid plan.

So you may be on one of these MTN tariff plan and would want to change to the other. It’s very simple to do this. You can do this via the USSD code method or via the MyMTN app.

Changing MTN Tariff via USSD Code

Dial MTN tariff plan code *123# and follow the instructions to move from one plan to another.

Changing MTN Tariff via the MyMTN app

Alternatively, you can change your MTN tariff by logging into the myMTN App, select ‘Other Plans’ and select your preferred tariff.


Q: What is the best MTN tariff plan?
A: MTN BetaTalk: Best Tariff Plan With Airtime Bonus

Q: How to migrate from MTN pulse to beta talk?
A: You can migrate to MTN BetaTalk plan via any of the channels below:
– Text BT to 312.
– Dial 1232*1#
– MTN ChatBot (Zigi)
– myMTN NG app
– myMTN Web

Q: How do I migrate to MTN SME tariff plan?
A: 1. Simple migration via USSD and SMS.
2. To migrate via USSD, dial 4601#
3. To migrate via SMS, text BizPlus to 131.
4. Bundled Value Added Services (Optional)

Q: How do I change my MTN tariff PIN?
A: Send an SMS with your Default PIN New PIN New PIN to 321.


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